MOMENTS IN TIME: Sewing Machines and Highwaymen - 1896


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 5/5/1896.

5/5/1896 - Last Friday evening Ross Stump and John Ritchea went over to G.W. Ritchea's farm on Pine creek after a sewing machine and were driving Snyder's team and machine wagon. As they were returning, just below the Em Ball house, on said creek, two men, the boys would not say who, came down out of a little ravine, one of them spoke to and asked the boys where they were going, to which John Ritchea replied: "We are selling sewing machines, don't you want one?" To which the man replied, "yes," and ordered Ritchea to take the lines (Stump was driving) which he did. The man then told Ross to get out of the buggy, but Ritchea perceiving that the man had a revolver in his hand took a sensible view of the situation and acted promptly by hitting one of the horses, which is high spirited, with the whip, which started the team at break-neck speed, thus averting what might have been a serious trouble. The boys came into town with the team wet with sweat. Ross will not talk about the matter, but expressed great gratitude to Ritchea for having brought him out of such imminent danger.