SUNNY CAL JOURNAL - Restin' And Rockin' In Middle Of Road


A rocker sittin' in the middle of the
road was a little surprise, even in Calhoun

By Bob Weaver 2013

Traveling the backroads of Calhoun's nearly 600 miles of highways, there are few days I don't run onto to something fascinating, certainly the people who live here.

Rounding a turn on narrow Camp Run, it was surprising to find a nice looking rocking chair in the middle of the road.

A Camp Road woman woman had been takin' a break in her rocker, watchin' her husband work in a garage.

Camp Run is a short road off Stinson (Mud Fork) Road.

I always kid about a dozen cars that go past my house in the Village of Hur, usually some of the same people, but Camp Run has even less traffic, with only two full-time residents living on the creek.

Wayne Duffield, a highway department employee, and Debbie Fordyce, who works for US Postal, built their home on the creek several years ago.

They said traffic is not a problem on the creek with only one family living up the holler above their location.

With over 70% of the nation's population now clustered in metro areas, surely there is something admirable about rocking in the middle of the road.

Slowly, slowly rockin'.