STEER CREEK SKINNY-DIPPING LEADS TO ARRESTS - "Bathing Beauties Land In Cooler" 1936

Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 6/18/1936

Bathing Beauties Land In Cooler 1936

A couple of good-looking gals, said to be from the Stumptown community, and a companion of the opposite sex, who were enjoying a cool swim in the pleasant waters of Steer Creek were brought to the Calhoun county jail Saturday night where they spent the weekend and a day or two more, guests of the more or less popular Hotel de Gunn. (Referring to Sheriff Poe Gunn)

Ordinarily it is no offense to bathe in the waters of Steer Creek. But these modern gals brought along their bathing suits but used instead the sun-suits with which Dame Nature had provided them.

Also it appeared that considerable liquid refreshment had been provided for the inner man and the party became not only joyful, but downright rowdy and noisy.

Residents of Steer Creek put in a call for the State Police and Corporal Wilfong, Trooper Bowles and Sheriff Gunn went to the scene and brought them in on a drunk and disorderly charge.

On trial Monday before Justice Jackson, they were sentenced to pay ten dollar fines, lacking which they were returned to the local jail where they spent a few days before being turned loose.