MCCUNE "BOYS" RECALL OLE PETER - Bruce And Norville Remember

By Bob Weaver 1999

One of Calhoun's most historical figures of the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812, Peter McCune, (1748-1832) was the first permanent settler in Washington District. Coming from Ireland to the Monongalia-Harrison County area, he enlisted twice during the American Revolution.

After serving three years, he was discharged in 1781. McCune, an acquaintance of Daniel Boone, married 14-year-old Christina O'Brien in 1881, the daughter of explorer Adam O'Brien. Oral history tells of McCune asking the young Christina to stuff handkerchiefs in her bosom to appear more mature.

The relationship started in 1880, after the O'Brien's had sought refuge from Indians at Fort Richards near Clarksburg. They had ten children. Peter McCune is buried at the Knotts Cemetery below Orma.

Many of their descendants are among the early pioneer families of Calhoun County, including Norville, 80, and Bruce McCune, 83, who still reside on Crooked Run, not far from the original McCune cabin built in 1815 at Orma.

Genealogist, Jim Mulloly of Wheeling examines McCune razor and hair, held by Bruce McCune of Orma.

The McCune boys have an original straight razor and a lock of hair belonging to their famous ancestor, which came with him on his voyage from Ireland. They are both outstanding storytellers.