VIETNAM VET TREKS THROUGH CALHOUN - 'Honor Hike Across America,' A New Day Of Honor


Vietnam vet treks across the Calhoun Hills on a mission

By Bob Weaver May,2013

Hiking across America, a Pennsylvania Vietnam veteran traveled through Calhoun County over the weekend, promoting his effort to create a new national day of awareness - Brother to Brother Day.

Lance Robinson, who served in the Marines in Vietnam (1974-78), started his trek in 2010 and has already been to 26 states, a tracking device recording his location, one step at a time.

Mission seeking new day of honor - "Brother to Brother Day"

"God's soft voice pierced my heart, that I serve Him and my country," said Robinson, who pulls a small cart that displays the American flag and the flags of USA's military services.

His first journey was a trek to the Tomb of the Unknown Solider in 2010, and now he has been to about 26 states.

Pulling cart with honor flags,
he travels one step at a time

"I am marching across our country in hopes of gaining awareness of honoring our Brothers and Sisters that have served, and those that are serving now," said Robinson, "I am attempting to travel to every state Capitol to rally support in the creation of a new day of honor.

Easter Sunday, March 31, 2013, the trekker was at Millstone, the intersection of US 33-119, headed toward Spencer, now attempting to visit 11 states and hike over 4000 miles