The development of a north Grantsville sub-division did not pan out in 1921, although the owners of the T. R. "Zach" Stump farm across the Little Kanawha made a sterling effort.

The flying of an airplane over the grounds did not excite citizens to shell out cash for the lots.

Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 11/3/1921.


Surveyors of the Bowman Realty Co., of Huntington, arrived here last week and are busy cutting up the T.R. Stump farm, across the river from this place, into a town building lots which well be sold at a big public sale to be held on Friday and Saturday, November 18 and 19.

This farm was recently purchased by B.G. Stump, Ira Hardman and R.P. Mollohan, who realizing the need for more building sites to meet the rapid growth of the town, decided to cut the tract up into town lots and put the same on the market.

The sale promises to attract quite a large crowd to Grantsville providing the weather and roads stay fit. It has been liberally advertised in all sections and an enormous crowd is expected.

The phenomenal increase in value of lots sold some time ago in South Grantsville and at Arnoldsburg has started an itch to invest in town lots that is very contagious, and we have no doubt that many an old pocket-book will be drawn out from under the mattresses and their contents invested in good, growing-in-value real estate.

The completion of the new high school next year, the growing oil and gas development, the coming of hard surfaced roads, all a few of the factors that will help to make Grantsville the best town in the valley. In a year or two it will be no bad thing to have around the house - title deed to a few choice corner lots in the Stump addition.

A first class road is being built from the South end of the bridge through the development and later on a bridge connecting the new addition with the lower end of town will be built.

A feature of the sale that must not be overlooked is the aeroplane and its daring master which will maneuver on the sale days.

This will be the first opportunity many of us have had to see this attraction and it will undoubtedly bring hundreds into the sale.