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Hur's Famous Outhouse in DAILY MAIL: "THIS AIN'T YOUR PAPPY'S OUTHOUSE - Calhoun Man Recreates His Childhood With The Ultimate Dream Latrine"

Hur Herald 1998

Down the gravel path behind the Weaver abode in East Hur is a new, highly functional outhouse, possibly among the finest in Calhoun County. It is electrified, heated, lighted and even has running water gravitating from a roof tank.

A small library of books and magazines are on the shelves for readers to wile away the time on the one-holer, or they can be amused by the stereo system, karaoke or small screen TV. There is a weather radio for updates. The walls are decorated with old calendar prints, photos and newspaper clippings.

There are several amusing toys, including an electronic magpie, which repeats everything it hears. Tiny replicas of bugs and spiders are glued around the walls to recreate the atmosphere of "an honest outhouse." For those concerned about safety, a lightning rod protrudes from the roof.

Old WV license plates have been nailed to the outside, a tradition with early outhouses. The exterior is adorned with horseshoes, a thermometer and informative signs.

The Weavers' Y2K contingency plan

Late night visit by Gary Lynch

Outhouse in winter

Jon Weaver and Riley Keaton visit

Group tours are available and there is ample parking for tour buses. However, if you should get carried away with all the amenities, and functional reality attacks you during your visit, you can actually use the outhouse.

The design did not work out one bug - the rush of cold air when the seat is opened.

During the 1998 Christmas Tour, local resident Jake Kerby was so enthralled with the building, the 86-year-old man excused himself and went behind the nearest oak tree to urinate. "I just didn't want to mess it up," he said. (1998)