2012 - Capital High School students in Kanawha County have complained to school administrators they have been forced to say the Pledge of Allegiance.

Principal Clinton Giles reaction, after hearing the complaints, canceled the saying of the pledge and the national anthem for one day, saying that students are not mandated to say the pledge, but are required to stand during its recitation.

Giles told media outlets that the students' complaints disturbed him because they misrepresented what the school was doing.

State media outlets referred to a 1943 US Supreme Court decision that ruled that students can't be forced to say the pledge or salute the flag.

That US Supreme Court decision came from a case that surfaced in Calhoun County during the fervor or World War II.

Calhoun High School principal Don McGlothlin refused to make Jehovah Witness students say the pledge or salute the flag, their refusal was based on religious convictions.

The Calhoun County Board of Education fired McGlothlin and he was "run out of town."

McGlothlin has been described as an exceptional human being, educator, civil libertarian and continued a highly recognized career in Illinois and as an author.

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