THIS OLE HOUSE - Arnoldsburg Bungalow Aged, Gray, Worn


The ole house rests along Arnoldsburg's main drag,
bordered by the WPA depression era stone wall,
a view of life's passing parade from the porch

The aged house, worn gray by years of weather, stands above US 33-119 on the main drag of Arnoldsburg, empty for many years, maybe 40.

It was built, likely in the 1920s-30s, by Coley Argabrite and his wife Lula. Argabrite was a rural mail carrier in the Arnoldsburg area, he and his wife having no children.

Coley, whose given name is likely Clarence B. Argabrite, died in 1950 at age 68, and his wife, Lula lived until 1971 at 82. They are buried in Sand Ridge Cemetery.

The ole house is on its last legs, but
a giant tree in the yard could live on

Ray and Emma Luzader Cottrell bought the house about 1959, and no one has lived in it since. The late Ray Cottrell operated an auto repair garage in Arnoldsburg for about 30 years.

Emma Cottrell still lives next to the "ole house," recalling that Mrs. Argabrite was a "wonderful woman."

Perhaps the vision conjured about the house, which rests above the WPA stone wall constructed during the Great Depression, is thinking about porch sitting and watching the passing parade on Arnoldsburg's main drag.

Nearby is a giant tree which will outlast the house, the owner said the house should be torn down.

(This ole house has now been razed)