The old White Pine school drew students from up and down
the valley and hills for a better part of the 20th Century,
until it was closed about 1970 and students went to Grantsville


The second annual White Pine School reunion brought a crowd of former teachers, students and their families to Mt. Zion, recalling earlier days of education.

Calhoun, at one time had 104 one room schools.

Irene Gunn spent time recalling memories of her
early days teaching in Calhoun's rural schools

(L-R beginning in front) Phil Hickman, Micki Hickman, Mary Lee Whipkey, Jeanie Richards, Edna Carol Whipkey, Sue Ferguson, Jean Miller, Teacher-Irene Gunn, Janet Walker, Sue Swisher, Alice Hickman, Richard Kight, Teacher-Harlan Vancamp, Betty Craddock, Linda Metz, Leonard Metz, Ronzel White, Steve White, Freda Digman, Ronald Vancamp and Donald Walker

Youngest and oldest students present
were Tim Hickman 1970 and Jean Miller 1938

(L-R beginning in front) Students Alfred Hickman, Tim Hickman, Dell Nichols, Barbara Basnett, Teacher-Harlan Vancamp, Donna Rupert, Dennie Kight, Bea Robinson, Rick Sampson and Darlene Nicholas

(Front center) Teacher Irene Gunn, Students Janet Walker Sue Ferguson Freda Digman, Micki Hickman, Sue Swisher, Alice Hickman, Richard Kight, Betty Craddock, Ronzel White, Phillip Hickman, Steve White, Ronald Vancamp, Donald Walker and Teacher-Harlan Vancamp

Reunion drew a large number of classmates ...

... looking at old photos and renewing acquaintances

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