SUNNY CAL JOURNAL - New Year's Hunkerin' Event Was A Flop

Calhouner Roy Pursley would surely come forward to be Olympic trainer for Hunkerin'

By Bob Weaver 2012

With the 2012 Olympics, the spectacle was marked by a few events that bring question to their acceptance about this great event.

I caught a few minutes of beach volleyball and then there's some kind of horse and rider thing called Dressage, quaint and baffling, apparently made famous by a horse owned by the Mitt Romney's and real fodder for the nation's comedians.

Fascinated since childhood with the "Art of Hunkering," I think it should now become an endurance event for the next Olympics.

Calhoun has had a number of hunkerin' champions, like Hunkerin' Ed Cooper - the King of Hunkerers, now long gone .

But we still have Hunkerin' Roy Pursley (now deceased), who could become a hunkering trainer.

Roy's frame is built for hunkerin', tall and lean. It's pretty hard for chubby people to hunker, but they can do it. They just can't last.

Unlike the Romneys, it might be difficult to use hunkerin' for a tax write-off, unless decaying kneecaps could meet some tax code criteria or maybe for Social Security disability.

But consider the US Tax Code is 72,000 pages of tax breaks for special interests and why not hire a lobbyist to get a break for hunkerin'.

There could be a problem with corporate sponsorship. Maybe some arthritic over-the-counter medicine for sickly joints or maybe some physician group that could revere the wonderment of joint flexibility, or their replacement.

Here in Sunny Cal, since one of the early editions of the Hur Herald, we have attempted to bring recognition to hunkerin' as an endurance sport, but we've had little success.

Should we file a formal request with the Olympic chiefs?

Unfortunately, a New Year's hunkerin' event at Hur has been a flop.

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