CALHOUN FLASHBACK: Quarantine Ordered For Smallpox 1900

Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 1/30/1900.

Order of Board of Health

At a meeting of the County Board of Health of Calhoun county, held at the court house on Saturday, January 27, 1900, the following order was adopted:

WHEREAS, this board has reason to believe and does believe that many of the citizens and residents of this county have been recently exposed to the contagion of smallpox, which has been prevalent in adjacent counties and perhaps is now in existence in this county, and the board believes that extreme precautionary measures should be adopted to prevent its spread.

IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED, That until the further order of the board all public assemblies, such as churches, common schools, Sunday schools, literary societies, and all other meetings or societies and gatherings where the people are in the habit of assembling together be dispensed with in the districts of Sheridan, Center and Sherman, and as to the districts of Washington and Lee it is recommended that the boards of Education and trustees of the several sub districts confer together, and it is deemed advisable for the public safety, discontinue the schools for such time as they may think proper, and it is recommended that all the citizens of the county take such precautionary measures as may in their own judgment assist in preventing the spread of the contagion, and it is especially recommended that all people whether in the quarantine districts or not keep as close to their homes as possible during the prevalence of the disease, avoiding mingling with miscellaneous crowds and traveling in other district or section unless they are convinced that no contagion exists there.

People are also recommended to be vaccinated, if they can do so without too great inconvenience.

James F. McDonald,
President Protem.