JOURNEY INTO WILD AND WONDERFUL - Herald Gives Calhoun Video History, For Better Or Worse

West Virginian Wayne Worth is producing a filmed documentary "Journey Into The Wild and Wonderful," and is visiting all 55 counties exploring the state's cultural and historical life.

"It will be about the people's story of their heritage, history, and vision for the future," Worth said.

Worth is known for displaying every June 20th (WV's Birthday) a life-size birthday card with a collage of pictures that were taken during his journey through all the counties.

"Waiving at 10,000 motorists on the side of 5th Avenue in Huntington every June 20th is my contribution to the state's story, but also reminding others of theirs," he said.

"I believe this documentary will be a contribution to us understanding one another as a people," he said.

Hur Herald's comments a few years ago on life in Calhoun County: