EASTER 2024 - The Resurrection, Hope For The Poor In Spirit


Cross erected by Earline Lynch on Jesses' Run

By Bob Weaver

In the Christian world we celebrate the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

In America we are politically polarized against others not like us, a far cry from the teachings of Christ.

What would Jesus say about US politics, racial, political and religious divides.

Many believe Jesus is the most important figure in the history of mankind.

Some regard him as a fanatic or a figment of spiritual convenience, while others proclaim Him as the son of God, while others say he was a martyr who came to failure, grief and ruin after a stormy life as he reached out to the masses.

Those of us who are believers, look upon Him as the central figure who forever changed the course of human history.

Jesus, the man-figure, walked and taught the lost and poor of spirit.

He spoke for and embraced the ignored and down-trodden, "the least of these my brethren."

He was not happy with the money-changers, with America continuing to march into oligarchy while the county entertains itself to death with conspicuous consumption.

In a world that rushes to war, division and violence, He was and is the Prince of Peace - although His life has been intoned as supporting "wars of the righteous."

He brought hope of rising above and living beyond that which exceeds human knowledge, experience and expectation, that we might overcome our self-made misery.

But mostly, He brought understanding, love, acceptance and forgiveness.

He gave us hope.

We once could count on the religious right to cling to his teachings, but he appears abandoned over their political beliefs as the nation is becoming less Christian with each decade.

This Easter, some will honor Him.