(Josh Stephens Photos 2012)

A 25-pound bobcat was trapped on the Wood-Wirt County line, caught on a fox scent post by Josh Stephens and John Kerby.

"This was my first Bobcat ever," said trapper Stephens, "John Kerby has been teaching me the ways of the mountain man for the last two years. He let me pick the spot and bed the trap all by myself."

Stephens was told to use fox urine on a tree, because a bobcat, coyote or fox would smell it and want to cover it with their own dominate scent.

The men set 30 traps on Saturday and caught the beautiful cat the very next day, also catching several coons.

John is the son of Jack Kerby and Wanda Kerby, Calhoun originals.

Stephens said, "He is a great guy for taking me under his wing and teaching me all that he knows. I am very grateful to be a part of the whole Kerby family. They are wonderful people."