FLASHBACK 1897: Complex Surgeries Performed In Calhoun

Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 4/13/1897.

Dr. Hall, of Harrisville, and Drs. Blair and Swentzel and Druggist A.M. Parsons, aided by Victor Barr performed two very difficult surgical operations in Grantsville last Wednesday. 

The first was performed on Clyde, son of Lemie Huffman.  For four or five years he had been a great sufferer from Anchylosis of the knee, which was caused from a hurt he received in a fall. 

At times he was able to go about by means of a crutch, and at other times confined to his bed, and recently had been confined almost continually - suffering great pain.

  The child was very weak and the operation was commenced between hope and fear, but under the skillful management of the physicians in charge the operation was performed, first by breaking and tearing loose the adhesives of the knee joint, and then the work of straightening and extension was soon completed and bound, until the little fellow now seems in a fair way to recover.

  The next operation was on Willie, son of Cyrus Hickman, who had been badly burned a few years ago, which caused his right arm to grow fast to his body.  In this case it was necessary to do considerable cutting, which was done to the queen's taste by Dr. Blair, and the boy will soon be out unless the unexpected happens. 

After the two operations Dr. Hall started for his home in Harrisville.