LET THE PARTY BEGIN - Jackie Robinson's Annual Christmas Event

Jackie Robinson loved parties and gatherings, year round, but it was always a special event at Christmas. The party has died with her passing in 2018.

Jackie Robinson (left) welcomes her
family and friends to annual party


The Gainer family gathered together another year for their annual Christmas Party held at Jack Robinson's highly decorated house at Russett.

Jackie had her home decorated with Thomas Kinkade, the "Painter of Light," Christmas trees in every corner, music and lights, inside and out with Christmas everywhere.

All one has to do is walk into the wonderland of her home and you begin to feel and see Christmas. It is quite an experience.

The evening started with a buffet of food and desserts that would make anyone oooh and aaah just looking at it.

It truly is a night to remember,
the atmosphere and food, food, food

Those in attendance said it was one of the best Christmas parties ever. Following the delicious meal, the group gathered down stairs for a White Elephant Auction with Denver Roberts auctioning the goods.

Before the auction got underway, Jackie started the evening with a broom in hand, pounding the floor and saying, "If you can't do this, you can't do anything." The party goers took turns trying to emulate Jackie's performance. Unfortunately, some were left standing unable to figure out the game.

Denver started the sale with his auction voice and the gifts went flying around the room. The good thing about this auction was the proceeds were being donated to the Volunteer Fire Department in Grantsville.

It was an evening of laughs, stories, fun and family. What could be better than that, thanks to Jackie.

Those attending: Charlotte and Glenn Siegrist, Sheri and Mike Arison, Jackie Robinson, Jane Collins, Cokey Gainer, Niki and Shawn Moyers, Denver and Paula Roberts, Natalie White and Kennedy, Emily Gainer, Blake and Alyssa Verbus, Bob Weaver and Jason Taylor.