HOT NEWS FROM 1912 - Sowing Oats, Suffering Thyhoid, A Good Gasser

Dr. Tim Miller of Kingwood was going through micofilm of The Calhoun Chronicle, April, 1912, and forwarded this summary of hot news from that time:


Frank Wells, of this place, returned Monday from Colorado, where he has been for the past four years.

Chas Bryner made a flying trip to Parkersburg recently.

Mrs. Bell Ferrell of Richwood, has been visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Davis at this place for the past week, but has now returned home.

George Bell has returned from Akron, Ohio where he went last fall to work.

Mrs. John Dawson has been on the sick list for the past week, but is improving nicely.

The Potomac's well on Bells run came in a good gasser last week.


Two of Rev. Hugh's children are seriously ill at their home on Daniels Run with typhoid fever.

Uncle George Gibson arrived Sunday from Spencer with a fine load of goods for our merchant "Bob" Nicholson.

Mrs. John Whytsell has been confined to her room for several days with neuralgia.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Lee Samson, on the 16, a fine baby boy.

Roy Morgan has moved to his new home on Daniels Run.

Lieuzern Booher is having an addition built to his residence, which adds very much to the appearance of his place.


Jason Bourn is still working for E. J. Vannoy.

F.Y. Robinson was sowing oats last week.

Hudges, the Stark fruit man, passed through here recently. He has sold a considerable amount of fruit trees in this vicinity.

Rev's Ofa Bennett and Harley Francis are boarding with Rev. Whitt Stump, attending the subscription school at the mouth of Rush Run, being taught by Rev. M. L. Hall.

A. R. Stump has been in bad health for some time.

The Whippoorwill, Martin, and Blue bird song indicates that spring, though, late, is here.

Miss Abbey Fowler and Tip Campbell's daughter of Enon, and Vera Swentzs of Russet are attending Hall's school.

As we close this article, we learn that the wife of J. W. Cain died Wednesday night. She leaves a husband and four small children, the oldest of which is about 9 years, and a father and mother to who we extend our sympathy.