2002: HOSEY HOMESTEAD STILL STANDING - Big Root Dwelling Serves Several Generations


The old Hosey home place on Big Root

By Bob Weaver 2002

A still-standing Big Root house may be 120 years old, the home place of Grantsville resident Ron Hosey. "There has been an add-on to the house, likely built by my great-grandfather Joseph "Joab" Hosey," he said. "It has seen a lot of families come and go."

The house, located about three miles up Big Root from Route 5, was recently purchased by Eric Metz, who is working on fixing it up and using the property for his taxidermy shop.

Ron Hosey recalls life on Big Root

India Hosey ran a store in the 1960's

Peanuts and RC Cola

Hosey said it was the best and hardest of "pure country life." He said his family raised what they ate. "We really were farmers, butchering and gardening."

Several generations of Hoseys lived in the house, including Hosey's grandfather Quimby Hosey and his own father, Parker Hosey. who was married to India Goodnight.

Ron Hosey is the last surviving member of his siblings, Albert, Joe, John, Irene and Kathryn, who married an Ullum.

"My mother, India, had a little store next door to the old house during the early sixties," he remembered. "She sold some bread, milk, pop, clothing and things you would run out of."

"A lot of history rests with the old place," he concluded.

Hosey is now deceased.