CIVIL WAR MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY HAS FADED -'Putrid Fever, Galloping Consumption, Screws"

By Bob Weaver

The 21st Century public is well educated on medical terminology by TV and magazine ads, publicizing the latest prescription medications for every disease and malady.

With over 150 years since the Civil War, it is fascinating to look at a list of medical conditions and terminology, most that have faded with time.

Abcpsia - Blindness

Aphonia - Loss of voice

Bad Blood - Used to avoid the Syphilis word

Chin Cough - Whooping cough

Consumption - Tuberculosis

Cramp Colic - Appendicitis

Delirium Tremens - Hallucinations from alcohol withdraw

Dyspepsia - Acid indigestion

Flux- Discharge of body fluid

Galloping Consumption - Pulmonary TB

Grip - Influenza

Jail Fever - Typhus

Miasma - Poisonous vapors thought to fill the air

Paronychia - Painful puss-producing inflammation at end of toe or finger

Parotitis - Mumps

Putrid Fever - Diphtheria/Typhus

St. Vitis Dance - Nervous twitches

Screws - Rheumatism