1898 - Two farmers from Calhoun county were relieved of about $300 on Tuesday afternoon by two of Parkersburg's soiled doves," a Parkersburg Sentinel account says.

The two men came to town on their annual fall shopping trip and by their too frequent tipping the festive bowl, they are out $295.

The sly old fellows thought they would go around and see the girls for a little while and while on their tour of sightseeing, they became quite hilarious and philanthropically driven in their manner.

They bought beer, showed their money, and at the instigation of two girls, they left the bulk of their money with the girls for safe keeping.

They forgot about the money and left.

The next morning, they discovered their loss, but, alas, too late for they could not remember where they saw the girls, consequently no arrests could be made.

As the result of the afternoon and night's fun, the men are shy just $295.

They were two sorry looking lads as they started yesterday morning on a long and tedious walk up the Little Kanawha bearing in their minds a vivid recollection of a day in a wide open city.