CHLOE COUPLE HAVE RARE FLOWER - Dracunclus Vulgaris "Just Sprung Up"


Flower sometimes grows to six feet


A rare flower found in a few US states has sprung from the soil at Chloe.

Ken and Barbara Mace, who have an extensive flower garden, says "It just came up," indicating it draws a great deal of attention when visitors walk through the garden.

The Dracunculus vulgaris, which sometimes reaches six feet, is also called the Dragon Arum, Voodoo Lily, Ragons, Snake Lily, Black Arum, Black Dragon, Dragonwort and Stink Lily.

"Throat" of plant attracts flies and insets

For a few days it has the odor of a dead animal, attracting flies and insects to its throat.

In some countries it is a weed, albeit a weed of splendid countenance.

In the US it is generally found in less than a half-dozen states, flourishing in the northwest.

Ken and Barbara Mace in their garden
(Photo courtesy of Justin Wizard)