Transcribed from Calhoun Chronicle by Norma Knotts Shaffer

The many friends of Frank Marshall, who was formerly a well known resident of our county, will be sorry to learn the details of the horrible manner of his untimely end in Roanoke, Va.

The Yew Pine Independent in its issue of October 19 gives a detailed account of the brutal murder of Mr. Marshall.

On Tuesday evening, October 11, Mr. Marshall went into a saloon in the Tip Top Hotel where he met Marshall Angell, and the two, after some conversation, decided to drink.

When John H. Jessie, the proprietor of the hotel, came to them with the remark that he would drink with them, too.

He then told Angell to take room No. 2 for the night, and according to the landlord's tale, the two went up to the room together.

Angell states that he thought it was Marshall's intention to share the bed with him, but as they passed up the stairs a man followed them and went into the room with them.

Angell, being a cripple, went to the bed, when he heard the man make an accusation and make a vicious attack on Marshall, knocking him down, and kicking him repeatedly in the face.

He then picked up the limp, insensible body by one leg and arm, flung it on a lounge and walked out.

During the assault the man's back was toward Angell, who, as stated, is a cripple, and was unable to aid Marshall.

He notified the police of the assault, who, after an examination, decided that he was in a stupor caused by drink, and left saying that he would come around.

About 11 o'clock a chambermaid notified the landlord that the man was badly hurt and that something should be done for him.

The landlord postponed his visit until after 2 o'clock, when he found Angell asleep on the bed, and Marshall dead on the couch.

Angell, and others were arrested and in the examination told conflicting tales, but no evidence to warrant their detention was secured.

The hotel at which the crime was committed bore a very unsavory reputation. One suspect is being held charged with the brutal murder.

12/20/1910 SLAYER GETS 12 YEARS

Roanoke, Va., Dec. 16 - J.S. Jessie, proprietor of the Tip Top hotel of this city, who has been on trial four days charged with murdering David Franklin Marshall, a guest of the hotel, was tonight found guilty of second degree murder and his punishment fixed by 12 years in the penitentiary.