ROANE'S GRANVILLE LANCE HAS DIED - "He Gave More Than Any Man I Have Known"

By Bob Weaver

Roane counties Dr. Gransville Lance has died at his home Friday night at the age of 71. The retired Spencer dentist and former long-time Fire Chief of the Spencer-Roane Volunteer Fire Department gave more to his community than any man I have known.

He was a "buzz saw of activity" and he gave his energy to Roane County, day and night. He loved fire fighting and Emergency Medical Services and became one of the regions excellent teachers in fire fighting.

A former Mayor of Spencer, he was involved in hundreds of community projects over the years.

He answered thousands of fire, rescue and medical calls, usually between his practice as a dentist.

He was my long-time friend since the first week I lived in Spencer in 1961, and the adventerous tales we could tell.I could never keep up with him.

Last night Granville slowed down for the first time, to a deserved rest.I am hopeful the more recent generations of Roane Countians will be aware of his body of work spanning over 50 years.

Funeral arrangements are being completed at the John H. Taylor Funeral Home.