THE HUR HERALD: "A Poor Persons Paper"


In the Early days of the Herald's introduction to the Internet
(1999) few Calhouners had computers, so copies of stories got
pasted in a Grantsville store front window starting in 1996, even on the hottest
day of summer, folks stood around to read and discuss the news, while hard copies got passed around

In the far east, and certainly in China, funds to subscribe to newspapers are scarce. So the publishers generally post their papers on buildings or in store fronts, allowing the passersby to read the latest news.

Published at the time, The Hur Herald, with its shaky financial backing, strives to get the "word out" the best way it can. And for the past months, many of the the Herald's online stories have been posted in the window of the old State Farm Office on Main Street in Grantsville."