"I CAN GO THROUGH THE WATER" HAS HITCHES - Drivers Tend To Challenge The Imposible


Vehicle sinks into deep backwater on Leafbank Rd.

A driver abandoned his car after it drowned
in a long stretch under water near Russett

Submerged auto at Cleo Newell's property,
on Route 16 (Margaret Volkwein Photo)


Drivers who thought they could get through the high water, got in trouble yesterday evening (and many other times around the county).

The Grantsville Volunteer Fire Department responded to two separate incidents. One on Leafbank Rd. where a vehicle tried to get through back water of the Little Kanawha.

The second was on Russett Rd., which is covered by water in two places. That driver tried to get through a long stretch, drowning out the vehicle.

Neighbors said the driver walked through the water and climbed a nearby hill.

A car was completely submerged along the West Fork, Chloe-Minnora.

No one was injured.