OLD MCDONALD HAD A BARN - Historic Mt. Zion Barn Razed


The older log barn (front) is being razed, another
long-time McDonald barn shown near ridge road

Log barn rested on part of 720 acre farm which
stretches from Mt. Zion Ridge to Sycamore Creek

The large McDonald farm on the Mt. Zion ridge road, resting toward the Sycamore community (Slab Camp), has always been recognized as one of the county's early homesteads.

The 720 acre tract was deeded to James Faris McDonald in 1853, mostly remaining in the McDonald family until recent years.

The original log barn, in serious disrepair, razed for the development of 10-20 acre home sites by Ullum Properties.

It was on this site that Bernard McDonald had a serious UFO sighting.

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