PHOTO VIEW OF NICUT OVER 90 YEARS AGO - Chenoweth-Bourne-White House


1929 photo of Nicut home built by David Oscar Chenoweth
about 1915, the logs and timber sawed from the property.
Located at site of original Chenoweth store and Nicut post
office, occupied in later years by Willie Bourne and Dean
White family. Photo taken before "modern" roads were built.
(Photo compliments of Stella Brannon Chenoweth)

2009 photo of the original well-built Chenoweth house owned
by Mr. and Mrs. Dean White since the 1960s. (Hur Herald Photo)

Upstairs bedroom in Chenoweth-Bourne-White house
still has the original woodwork. (Hur Herald Photo)

Nicut's former country store and post office (Hur Herald Photo)