Jennings Hathaway in his well-stocked
store in south Grantsville in 1930

(Photo from the Matilda Sturm Stevens Collection)

This well-remembered Grantsville general store was located near the old Calhoun County High School, frequented by school kids during its' last years during lunch hour, operated by the Paul Barr family.

In 1930, it was owned and operated by O. W. "Jennings" Hathaway obviously selling a little bit of everything.

Familiar items in the photo, Quaker Puffed Wheat and Nehi soft drinks. Pictured to the right, "Derby Dinner Sets, free to our customers."

Bob Knotts said that the store at one time was called Cleo Gainer & Company, then it was sold to Raymond Boggs and Paul Barr.

Knotts said that it was originally owned by Farley Shaffer about 1927 or 1928, that Shaffer would help Arvin Stump unload the merchandise about twice weekly on their trips to Parkersburg to stock the store.

Calhoun High School students frequented the Barr Store and Garland's Grocery to buy a candy bar or a bottle of soda, five cents each.

View of south Grantsville in 1950s near old Calhoun High, the Hathaway-Barr Store right of Rt. 16, with other business establishments to left, including Garland's Grocery, years earlier Amos Gibson's Service Station; rear of photo, Hope Gas buildings and the old Grantsville bridge

(Photo compliments of Marjorie Stump Gherke)