LOOKING BACK 20 YEARS:2001 - A Few Highlights From The Hur Herald

2001 was a fascinating year with lots of ups and downs, special events, sorrows and joys. Here are just a few headlines from a few of the stories that appeared during The Hur Herald year.


1/13 Calhoun Schools gets major $2.7 "Lights On" grant for after school programs.

1/13 Calhoun Commission pays off $50,000 on regional jail bill from sale of Senior Center property.

1/13 Calhoun Commission embarks on joint economic venture with Wirt County, raising additional government money.

1/13 Senior Center Director Judy Hartshorn, accused of stealing thousands of dollars, will not be prosecuted by State Police, although she "took full advantage of the very people she was entrusted to help."

1/14 The walls of the concession and facilities building at the new athletic complex at Calhoun Middle/High School came tumbling down after a high wind swept the area.

1/16 Dorsie Blosser, a rig driver for Key Energy, was indicted in the DUI death of a Fairmont woman he struck, having three previous DUI arrests in Texas.

1/21 Long-time magistrate C. W. "Mac" McDonald retires, later to become the assistant pastor of the Victory Baptist Church.

1/27 Signs of rabies outbreak and spread with the discovery of a rabid fox on Little Creek which attacked a local worker.

1/29 The Ada Hosey house on Big Root heavily damaged by fire.

1/30 New 911 console and equipment being installed.


2/1 Spencer logger accused of destroying newly paved Rowels Run, later makes pledge to do better.

2/4 Huge number of Bear Fork Hunting Club members, families and friends attend the annual "Critter Dinner" at Arnoldsburg.

2/4 96-year-old Thelma Taylor was peeling potatoes when her house caught fire at Minnora, but escaped without injury.

2/6 Layoffs and transfers confront the Calhoun County Board of Education because of declining student enrollment, a Reduction in Force (RIF).

2/7 Charter Cable will not provide internet access on their local cable service.

2/7 Calhoun Commission prepares requests for grants to help county.

2/9 Delegate Bill Stemple is appointed Assistant Whip in House of Delegates.

2/9 The ladybugs are crawling out to meet the morning light.

2/10 The new walking trail at the Calhoun Park is now open to the public.

2/11 Firemen duck as ammo explodes in trailer fire on Sinking Springs.

2/13 Cheryl McCauley Jarvis releases her new gospel CD.

2/13 Big Otter Go Mart robbed by masked man in early morning hours.

2/13 A crazed raccoon attacks the tires of a school bus near Cremo, later said not to be rabid.

2/13 Rogers falls from 10-foot ramp at Spencer Veneers and dies, OSHA investigating.

2/13 Deep unmineable coal reserves are taxed by West Virginia in southern Calhoun, declared "absolutely unfair."

2/15 Pesky water leaks at the new CM/HS campus causes water bill to increase by four.

2/17 Seven standing trial for drug or alcohol charges in Calhoun Circuit Court.

2/20 Glenville State College says it must find a financial partner or die, because of declining student enrollment and mandated costs.

2/21 A new nutrition center for seniors has been opened by the CCCOA in southern Calhoun at the Minnora Center, according to Director Mike Ritchie.

2/22 All three county fire departments respond to a fire on Wigner Street, Grantsville.

2/28 Minnora Community Center board is divided with "civility and resolution needed."


3/2 A Parkersburg man in life-flighted after a 4-wheeler accident near Rock Run.

3/2 $1 million lawsuit filed against Troopers Yanero and Starcher after alleged beating of Roane County man, with trooper recorded saying "You a tough guy."

3/7 A Gilmer county man fled across two counties, chased by police, to be stopped at Arnoldsburg "Y", with Gilmer Sheriff Rose being nearly run over.

3/7 The Back Fork water project, after being derailed, was placed back on track by county commission. (Gov. Bob Wise allocates last $500,000 in December)

3/8 Minnora Center board president Wanda Richards rules Larry Cottrell out of order in feisty confrontation, saying "My personal life is none of your business." Cottrell alleged bad management practices and accused Richards and her friends of drinking problems.

3/9 New Calhoun deputy sheriff Ron Bandy will be working out of the Minnora Center to better serve southern Calhoun.

3/11 Dirt flies at the site preparation of a Calhoun deep well near White Pine Road.

3/12 $10,000 raised for Rayanna Lancaster Fund.

3/13 Rabies vaccine pellets will be dropped over Calhoun and twenty other counties.

3/18 Six World War II vets get their Calhoun High School diplomas, after all these years.

3/20 Deep well permits increase in the county (eventually about 80, the most of any other West Virginia county).

3/23 Trooper Starcher brings 13 charges against Justin Snider after road stop, driving on suspended, stolen property, etc.

3/24 David Corson moves ahead with his civil suit against Minnora Center over rejection of nutrition program.

3/30 Calhoun looses 303 citizens in 2000 census, down to 7,582.


4/1 Men escape from Wirt County jail.

4/2 Deer-vehicle accidents costs WV insurance companies $100 million, average is $4,500.

4/3 432 pot plants found in Rosedale residence.

4/4 Grantsville's population slides to 565, mostly rental property according to 2000 census.

4/4 Viller's garage destroyed by fire on Annamoriah.

4/8 WVU forestry students visit Crummies Creek tree farm.

4/8 Tony Russell to head "Lights On!"

4/9 Stream life killed by paint thinner in Bull River, according to CO Tom Fox.

4/11 Arnoldsburg principal Graham files charges against parent after altercation.

4/12 Grantsville's new water plant up and running.

4/13 County-wide recycling plan proposed.

4/14 Wirt County facing financial collapse, efforts toward survival.

4/14 Criminal Justice class off on England trip.

4/17 $6.8 million budget approved by county school board.

4/20 Wirt jail escapees caught in Mississippi.

4/21 Mt. Zion man named Gosnell placed in regional jail after harrowing incident with his new wife and local authorities.

4/22 Ritchie man sought in double homicide.

4/23 Apgar new Calhoun conservation officer.


5/2 Sexual abuse charges dropped against Russell Lee Collins after Trooper Doug Starcher fails to appear.

5/5 Mt. Zion Drive-in movie opens one more year, among the longest running outdoor movies in country.

5/6 Donna Jordan ousted after brief appointment as Treasurer of Minnora Center, with Richards saying "Someone is doing something right."

5/9 Mink Shoals resident Greg Oakes, 45, killed at Orma after his truck collided with a Dominion-Hope tanker.

5/10 School board upholds Blankeships decision against Arnoldsburg School parents who claimed harassment against certain students.

5/11 State Police advise Calhoun Control they will no longer answer after-hours calls.

5/12 Brenda Greathouse extracted from auto on Nighcut Hill with jaws of life.

5/14 CCACC recommends football return to Wayne Underwood Field because new facilities will not be completed.

5/15 Fiddle player Jake Krack "2001 Performing Artist" recipient of year.

5/16 Jordan says her group prepared to take legal action against Minnora Center board, with Richards saying "We need more workers."

5/18 National Honor Society inducts new members at CHS, with 14 inducted into Mu Alpha Theta.

5/20 Dominion-Hope gives volunteer award to James L. Garretson.

5/20 Sheriff Allen Parsons say he and his deputies will answer after-hours calls since State Police have restricted coverage.

5/21 Robert Bonar is Teacher of the Year.

5/21 Teddy Moss sent to state pen for consecutive terms related to sex abuse.

5/23 Newton, Roane County child swept away in flood waters.

5/23 Richard Whytsell bringing suit against Trooper Doug Starcher after "ill-founded" attack with MagLite and then filing charges against him.

5/24 Calhoun Commission asking for $250,000 Small Cities Block Grant to help start a local manufacturing plant.

5/26 Hartshorn, Offutt and Stalnaker CHS valedictorians and LaMont is salutatorian, with 84 to graduate.

5/26 100 mothers and daughters have tea at Grantsville Senior Center.

5/29 Eleven sent to hospital after Ritchie wreck.

5/29 State Police rescind policy about not answering after-hours calls.

5/29 Two Calhoun women, Dawson and Billingsley, in critical condition after Rt. 16 wreck, two choppers life-flight to Charleston.

5/30 25th Vandalia winners include Clahoun folks, Eugene Parsons, Jake Krack and Dorse Sears.


6/1 Larry Cottrell proposes community "take-over" of Minnora Center.

6/2 160 Calhoun High students recognized with salutes, awards and scholarships.

6/3 No relief in sight for saving Wirt County government.

6/4 Vigilantes rough-up Shock man after he speeds past picnicking families.

6/5 Music man Jack Downs retires.

6/6 Controversial EMS Director Don Smith (Roane EMS) resigns in conflict.

6/7 State Police deny public information regarding coverage, FOIA request made by Hur Herald.

6/7 Ribbon cutting on historic Stump Hotel project.

6/9 39th annual Wood Festival events underway.

6/9 Tony Arthur injured in high-pressure gas line inferno.

6/11 Mike Ritchie's vision elevates the Senior Center.

6/13 Mayor Gary Knight quits early when defeated by Don Harris.

6/16 Appalachian Bike Classic brings 150 entrants and Johnny Staats concert to County Park.

6/21 State Police release "confidential" after-hours memo which accuses Calhoun Sheriff and Grantsville Police of not answering late night calls, which records disprove.

6/23 McCumbers and Parsons win at Folk Festival, Glenville.

6/27 Deep well boom is on with 53 permits issued.

6/28 Senior Center purchases Johnson Tire property with $160,000 grant.

6/28 Dick Jarvis of Chloe is reportedly injured and hospitalized after altercation with father-in-law Arley Metheney.

6/28 Wirt receives last minute $70,000 Budget Digest grand from Sen. Boley to keep them afloat.

6/30 Trooper Doug Starcher's cruiser collides with auto responding to a call, his second accident in recent months.

We will continue with the highlights of 2001.