By Bob Weaver 2001

We often forget that some folks work on Christmas Day, essential workers that provide services for the community, just in case.

Sheriff Allen Parsons had just returned from a car accident and had spent much of the night dealing with a person wanting to commit suicide

911 Dispatcher Lisa Purvis was working long shifts, doubling as an EMS worker and on the phones at Calhoun Control. She had some nice snacks sent by Minnie Hamilton Health Care Center nurses

EMT Patty Eisley and medic Tina Brinson had just returned from a call. They were working a 24-hour shift

We tried to catch someone on the street in downtown Grantsville, but not a creature was stirring, in fact, not even a car drove through while we were there

Stopping by Minnie Hamilton Health Care Center, Admission Clerk Joanna Smith said she was grateful for a job, even if she had to work Christmas Day

The MHHCC Emergency Room was having a busy day (in fact two busy days), shown are Wes Collins, Denise Starcher and Phillip Deweese

In the hospital section of our local health center, some busy workers took time to pose for the camera. Front (L to R) Harry Beall and Shelby McDonald; Back (L to R) Mildred McBride, Karen Boothe, Barbara Bush and Steve Barr

In the Long Term Care Unit at MHHCC, we visited with Nora Swisher, Karen Criss, Bonnie Goff and Judy Yost

Madeline Duskey and Glenda Harvey, preparing food for Christmas Day

Calhoun EMS answers a call for assistance on Court Street in Grantsville during the afternoon

Bill Boone and Kim Thrasher greet customers at Cha-Tis's, the only retail establishment open in Grantsville on Christmas Day

Rick Mollendick at The Pit Stop on Mt. Zion Ridge said "I came in for a while because people would need gasoline"

Kandy Summers and Joyce Newell man Speedy Mart at Arnoldsburg

Down on Pine Creek, the Greathouse-Starcher clan was doing what most of us did, had a big Christmas dinner and visited throughout the afternoon