A newspaper account is given about a meeting of the newly organized volunteer fire department of Grantsville in 1942.

"Monday night an up-to-date fire-fighting truck was purchased. It is an American-LaFrance outfit and was used until recently by the city of Marion, Ohio."

It is equipped with a 400 gallon per minute pump and a 200 gallon booster tank.

Fulmite and soda acid and tetra-chloride chemical extinguishers also come with the outfit together with ample ladder and hose equipment.

Grantsville Mayor A.G. Burns, Recorder Ralph Morris, Rue Schoolcraft and Mont Smith went to Marion Sunday to inspect the truck.

"By the way, there are thirty -two members in the company and every shining one of them were present.

The organization of the fire company is as follows: Z.N. Connolly, president; Rue Schoolcraft, secretary-treasurer; George Lambiotte, chief; Mont Smith, assistant chief; Charles Roberts and Rymer Law, captains.

The membership is limited to fifty, and "no deadheads should apply."

"They want workers who will spend time drilling and learning the fundamentals of scientific fire-fighting."

"The volunteer fire department is in no way connected with the town council, the county Civilian Defense Council or any other like organization." It was started by a number of younger men of the town following the tragic high school fire.

The cost of the truck and other expenses of the organization will be paid by voluntary subscriptions from the residents and property owners of Grantsville.

No New Deal funds will be used.

"Granny (Grantsville)News can support this movement without fear of being contaminated by New Deal money," wrote the reporter about the Republican newspaper.

The local Rotary club started the ball rolling with a contribution of $100.00.

- Norma Knotts Shaffer Read Norma Shaffer's "Moments in Time," transcribed from the Calhoun Chronicle