Harold E. Martin, 100, of Peoria ILL

Harold E. Martin, age 100, father of Nancy Engelke, grandfather of Tim (Robin) and Todd (Sarah) Rhodes and Jane Engelke (Will Schenerlein) and Anna Engelke and great grandfather of Michelle, Emily, and Rebecca Rhodes and Grant, Jarett and Brooke Rhodes, and Harrison Schenerlein IV, passed away in Peoria, Illinois on September 12 after having just returned from living several years in Melbourne Florida.

He was born on a farm in Amboy, Illinois when none of the present day amenities such as, running water, electric, telephone, etc. was available.

When he was 10 years old he was the only member of his family who did not have the Spanish Influenza, the pandemic that killed millions worldwide.

He had to care for his parents and his older siblings as well as all the animals on the farm. As a result of his care no one in his family died from the dread disease.

He went to school with Ronald Reagan and Ronald's brother "Moon" in Dixon Illinois and knew of and saw Charles Lindbergh who delivered airmail in that section.

He worked for over 60 years for the Freeman Shoe Company and then later worked at Habacorn's Ace Hardware Store in Peoria, Ill and as a bag boy for Publix in Florida.

He always loved working with his hands and many of his children's memories are tied to times he helped with car repairs, plumbing problems or the like.

None of his grandchildren will forget his 'magic garage door." One of his last jobs for the shoe company was a three-month assignment in Pakistan where he was to teach the natives how to make shoes.

He was on the beach watching when the Challenger exploded and always kept abreast of current events.

He finally left the work force at about age 90 to take care of his wife who passed away about five years ago at age 94. They had been married 77 years at that time.