REMEMBERING LUCY MARKS - She Never Grew Old (1915-2008)

Well-known Calhoun native Lucy Holcomb Marks, died twelve years ago in 2008 at age 93. She is missed by the Calhoun community for her eternal energy, optimism and dedication.

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Reprinted from 2001 By Bob Weaver

Longtime Nicut resident Lucy Marks is a timeless jewel who defies the stereotype of the aged. At 86 she is Calhoun's outstanding clogger, never missing a chance to kick up her heels when local music makers perform. "I've gone from doing the Charleston to cloggin'," she said.

She may be the most often photographed person on The Hur Herald, because she always shows up with her upbeat attitude, gracious smile and boundless energy. "I've always had good health, although I broke my leg one time," she said. "I give it all to the Lord. Two of my sons became preachers."

Recently she was given one of her many "most" awards at the Senior Center in Grantsville, the most kids, twelve, the most grandchildren, forty, and the most great-grandchildren, fifty-seven.

Her family congregated at Lucy's house this past weekend for a reunion, and quite an event it was. Her clan told dozens of Lucy stories about her snow sledding and her efforts at water skiing on a lake. Her granddaughter, Carlena Hubbard of Orville, Ohio presented her with a picture of her working out on their trampoline last year. Lucy, if she eventually becomes infirm, will never grow old.

"I like to go to amusement parks like Sea World. I like the double loop the best, and I have been on the roller coaster," she said. "I'm on the go all the time and have lots of fun." Eleven of Lucy's twelve children were born at home. "I don't know why they talked me into going to the hospital for the last one."

Her small bungalow is a cozy hillside dwelling, filled with family pictures and mementos. The house was built by her late husband, and she has lived there for fifty years. Water is still drawn from a well and a path leads to the "shack out back," but recently family members are installing running water and a bathroom. It was a pleasant experience to use a dipper from the water bucket and relax on the porch swing.

Early Marks Family Photo: Seated Lucy Marks with husband Curt (deceased 1969), holding Wandalea; first row, Lester, Ray, Virginia and Rosalea (who recently died in a car accident at Rosedale); second row, Darrell with wife Marie, baby Loretta, Delmer, baby Pam, Basil, Kathleen, Ronzel and Carl. Absent from photo is daughter Kathleen Sohar, Three sons, Darrell, Delmer and Basil are deceased, and daughter Rosalea was recently killed in an auto accident. Lucy was the daughter of Daniel and Venie Hardway Holcomb.

Lucy's hillside home

Lucy displays a family quilt

Family photos "Helps me think of them"

Porch swingin', John McCumbers and Eric Marks

Lucy's kids present (L to R) Row 1, Virginia Brady,
Lucy, Vicky Chastain, Wanda Lee McCumbers; row 2,
Ronzel Marks, Ray Marks, Lester Marks and Carl Marks

Carlena presents grandma with picture of her trampoline experience

An afternoon of laughs and picture taking

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