HUR HERALD'S BEAR FORK TALES - 1909 Bear Fork Hunters Kill 219 Squirrels

Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of Calhoun Chronicle

Bear Fork Hunters Plan Outing 8/10/1909

The Bear Fork Hunting Club is making elaborate preparation for the annual outing which will begin on Sept. 1st and continue three weeks.

The membership of the Club consists of 17 members and cook and to these will likely be added several guests.

The Camp will be located as heretofore, on Trace Fork of Bear Fork, on the Louis Bennett tract of 35,000 acres where the Club has the exclusive hunting privilege.

Mr. Bennett will likely be their guest during a part of the hunt. A great deal of pleasure is anticipated by the members.

The Bear Fork Hunt 9/14/1909

The hunters have returned their gamebags full and their appetites satisfied.

The hunt was a success in every particular. There were two hundred and nineteen squirrels killed and the provender box was always running over.

The trophy was awarded to Clay McDonald who had forty scalps to his credit, and second prize was won by Jeff Miller, of Roane county.

John Newlon, the Spencer photographer was awarded a prize for being the best fellow in camp and a vote of thanks was given Marshall Bennett for his excellent cooking and his courteous treatment of members and guests of the club.

Those present and participating in the hunt were:

Members: - J.W. Pell, A.E. Kenney, J.T. Waldo, A.G. Miller, Jeff Miller, John Newlon, C.C. Starcher, S.M. Ward, Clay McDonald, Jake Bennett, Ira Hardman, S.P. Bell and R.E. Hays.

Visitors: - Hunter Pell, A.S. Heck, of Spencer: Clay Starcher and Andrew Umstead, of Mt. Zion; Dallis Stutler, F.E. Pell, Watt Stump, Eddie Ollson, Howard Waldo, of Grantsville; R.J. Knotts of Euclid; and Ofa Bennett of White Pine.

The camp was a beautiful one in the heart of the large forest owned by Hon. Louis Bennett of Weston on Trace Fork of Bear Fork. Everything was splendidly arranged for comfort and convenience, and everyone had a dandy good time.

The best of order prevailed and the laws of the club as well as all of the State Laws were respected and the best of discipline was maintained.

Camp was broken Monday morning, and members and guests started for their respective homes, all expressing themselves as having enjoyed a splendid time, and all look forward to a good time at the next years hunt.

The refrain heard reverberating up and down the wilds of Bear Fork Monday was:

"Happy have we met,
Happy have we been.
Happy may we part,
And happy meet again.

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