The new, official Calhoun County flag


Calhoun resident Charlie Whipkey's design was selected for an official Calhoun County flag.

Whipkey's design was selected by judges from the Grantsville Town Improvement Committee and the Calhoun Historical Society.

Whipkey (pictured left) not only designed the county's official flag, he designed the Wood Festival logo 46 years ago

County commissioners adopted the design earlier this week, and will be flying the new flag in front of the courthouse.

Colors of the flag are red for the blood of those who gave their lives defending our freedom, white for courage, blue for the skies of Calhoun County and green for the lush landscape.

Symbols of the flag include a drilling rig for the gas and oil industry, a tree for the timber industry, and the map of Calhoun County with a heart in the center that says to all, "Calhoun has heart."

Whipkey received a $50 check from the Calhoun Chronicle.

He has been a life-long resident of the county and a well-known artisan, operating a Grantsville floral shop, Classic Creations.

Terry Harris and assistants, recognize Whipkey
on the Wood Festival stage, for his work