A Serious Runaway

Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 9/24/1901.

Friday night while returning from a social at the elegant home of Mr. and Mrs. C.F. Lowther at Ayers, C.E. Smith, cashier of the bank here and R.E. Hays, junior editor of this paper, met with an experience they will not soon forget.

Each gentleman was driving a spirited two horse team, and Misses Ethel Stump and Geraldine Hardman were in the rig with Mr. Smith, and Misses Stella Stump and Maude Barr with Mr. Hays.

While driving out the ridge between the old Johnson farm and Ellis Burrows', one wheel of the rig which Mr. Hays was driving struck the end of a log which protruded into the road.

This caused the pole of the buggy to break, and scared the horses so that they ran away. Mr. Hays was thrown from the vehicle alighting on his head, but fortunately was not seriously hurt, although he was badly shaken up and bruised.

The two ladies jumped or fell from the rear of the vehicle, and both were badly bruised but neither seriously hurt.

Miss Barr being injured most by her forehead striking the hard roadbed. Mr. Smith who was driving a few rods in advance, heard the commotion, and there not being room in the road for him to turn out, checked his team sufficient to let the ladies out and then jumped himself, starting his horses in a dead run.

The teams soon collided, and the buggies were pretty badly wrecked. One of the horses was injured, by having an artery in its leg cut by running a piece of the broken pole into it. It bled profusely but will recover.

All the injured parties were taken to the home of Ellis Burrows, and medical aid summoned when it was found their injuries were not serious.

They are all able for duty now except Miss Barr, and it is thought she will be all right within a few days.