Photo taken for Christmas card
shows ghostly image of man to right

Close-up of ghostly man in mirror, several other
faces shown in other photographs (not pictured)

By Bob Weaver April 2008

Strange things happen on Spring Run near Arnoldsburg, some of them going back many years, says Wayne Thompson, who moved to the area 20 years ago.

Thompson says he and his family sometimes hear the voice of a woman speaking in their home, while his daughter has experienced a cup of coffee sliding across a table and falling to the floor.

Dottie Thompson, Wayne's wife, says sometimes she feels the presence of people in the room, "a cold feeling shooting through your body."

Possibly the strangest event so far happened just before Christmas when Wayne was photographing a decorated mantle to be placed on a Christmas card.

"When we got the photos back, a number of different ghostly faces appeared in a mirror," Thompson said, "You could identify adults and children."

Thompson took the photos and had the images enlarged.

Spring Run resident Dottie Thompson points to
hillside where families have heard a flute playing

"I have no explanation for this," clarifying that none of the "ghosts" on the property appear to be harmful.

Dottie Thompson said the Moneypenny family lived on the site for many years during the last century.

"Jim Moneypenny reported for years they heard flute music echo in the woods and hills around the house," she said.

"He often went to find the flute player, but the music would change locations."

The Thompsons and several family members have heard the flute music at least once a year, sometimes close to the house.

"It never misses a note," they said.

Thompson's young grandson, until he was about 18-months-old, carried on a conversation with an invisible person.

"It got pretty scary at times," Wayne said.

He has no explanation for the faces in the mirror, but "We're sorta used to this kind of thing."