THE UNIVERSE FROM CALHOUN SOD - Pondering The Distant Stars, Astronomer Dave Miller

UPDATE: Highly acclaimed amateur astronomer Dave Miller, who has been featured in several Herald articles over the years following his visits for night sky viewing at Calhoun Park, has passed. He was a great believer in the Dark Skies astronomy project, going back to the 1990s.

Miller would be pleased even with the slow progress to develop the Dark Skies project.

Messier/M45 (Submitted by: Dave Miller) Wed Jan. 9 09:30:01 2008, Calhoun County Park WV), Messier M45 is also known as the Pleiades star cluster and The Seven Sisters, the cluster about 425 Light years away in the Constellation Taurus, its age is around 100 Million years old

By Bob Weaver

Passing time in Calhoun with its clear skies and dark nights, in years gone by, has been to look at the universal sky, the moon, the planets, the stars and the worlds far beyond.

In recent years, because the county is one of the best places to view the universe with telescopes, a number of amateur astronomers have been coming to the Calhoun Park.

Now, the Dark Skies astronomy development is on the map for the park, but funding was dropped by the Appalachian Regional Commision, taken back after it was awarded.

Astronomer Dave Miller, has won first place in several photo contests, according to the BBC "Sky at Night" magazine, including a photo shot at the county park.

The British astronomy magazine is distributed worldwide, much like its equal, the US Sky and Telescope magazine.

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