"When it is darkest, men see the stars." - Ralph Waldo Emerson


The death of former Calhoun educator Jim Weaver in Okinawa, Japan has brought a number of comments.

Rooted in the Calhoun clay, Jim Weaver marveled at creation, close and far away. He was a quiet and inspired man, who believed in greatness of all before us, seen and unseen.

His daughter and other family members are leaving for Japan to attend a funeral service, which can be seen by live streamed video from Okinawa at 1 a.m. EDT Sunday morning, March 16.

Maranatha Baptist Church Streamed Video

Jim will be cremated and the ashes will be returned to Calhoun County for a memorial service at a later date.


By Dr. Rose (Yoak) Young, Class of 1988

In my small office, I sit in shock this morning. Jim Weaver has passed away.

I survived Calhoun High School because of him, I doubt he even knew.

I was in his final "home room" Class of 1988, before he ventured off for Japan. At his inspiration, I won two state science awards which fed my resolve to become a teacher.

Although I never made the traditional teacher part, I have maintained my love for academia and am currently completing my second Doctorate.

There were three teachers who inspired my love of learning, one has now passed and I felt a sudden pang of great loss.

Jim was never heavy spoken and always received respect because he gave it (even to 8th graders, when we thought we knew everything).

He demanded hard work by example.

He once told me of sitting out a season as a player because the coach, I believe he was his uncle, had been treated unfairly.

Jim never regretted or let go of those principles he learned at that formative age and passed them on to each student which came through his classroom.

During my 8th-12th grades at the old stone high school, I served as his teacher's assistant, and helped to continue teaching his class when he fell out of a barn and was off with an injured leg.

I played basketball when he coached.

Following my graduation, we kept in touch via e-mail and calls when he was back visiting state side.

He was always so proud of Jamie and Alex.

He was proud of the work he did and the successes in his life.

Jim Weaver taught with passion and led by example. I am humbled to have had him as a teacher and in later years, proud to call him friend.

I will remember the inspiration he gave for success, the devotion to principles and the passion from which he taught.

My sympathies to Jamie, Alex, Takayo and all his family. He will not be forgotten.

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