GRANTSVILLE GETS GAS LIGHTS IN 1899 - Oil Lamps, Wood Stoves Will Be History

Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 11/22/1898

The newspaper announces the coming of gas lights and heat to the Town of Grantsville.

"We are authorized to state positively that, barring accidents, this town will be abundantly supplied with gas by next Tuesday."

"A plumber will follow immediately after the laying of the line and by the time the December snow begins to fly, some of our citizens, at least, can roast their feet by a red-hot gas fire."

"R.N. Miles has all the material for piping gas to this town now on the way, and as soon as it reaches here, work will be commence and pushed to an early completion."

"He has bought the very best material; so no uneasiness on account of explosions need be felt."

It will furnish the cheapest fuel this town has ever been blessed with, to say nothing about the convenience." "May the Lord give his servant, Miles, more power to hurry the matter up."

A few weeks later, the paper reported:

"Look at our beautiful gas lights. Grantsville is now illuminated by the use of natural gas. The town is now wanting a bridge across the river at that point and is reaching out eagerly for a railroad."

"Grantsville is an enterprising little town." - Ritchie Standard.

The official first day use of using natural gas as fuel in the town of Grantsville was Feb. 14, 1899, replacing oil lamps and wood stove heat.