1895: HARD CIDER PROMPTS ARRESTS - Lessons In Proper Behavior

1895 Hard Cider Prompts Arrests

Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle

Last Sunday about 3 o'clock Dept. Sheriff Joe Jarvis and two guards came into town with George Cadle, a boy by the name of Truman and another by the name of Douglas and lodged them in jail to serve a ten days sentence.

The boys had been picnicing at the mouth of Stinson last Saturday and had taken on just a little too much hard cider. There was no special harm in the cider, but they got to flourishing revolvers, razors and the like.

The prompt action taken by Squire G.E. Cooper of Washington district, in the cases for which the young men were brought to jail by Dept. Sheriff Jarvis last Sunday a week, as reported in this paper at the time, certainly entitles him to a re-election.

His action will serve to teach others in the future that they must respect the laws of society and the laws of our country. His action will tend to elevate the morals of persons who frequent gatherings of the kind spoken of at the time.

His action was purely one of kindness to the men who were disarmed and sent to jail. With the bad cider, the boys were drinking and the bad feeling that seemed to exist, together with the flourishing of revolvers and razors might have terminated in something worse, and instead of a small fine and ten days in jail it might have been a life sentence to the penitentiary or an execution on the gallows.

Every parent should rally to the support of an officer who will dare to do his duty.