By Alvin Engelke

Anna Engelke was visiting both at the Schenerlein residence in Vienna and the Engelke home in Creston. She also attended the viewing of Joyce Edwards in Elizabeth.

It was learned that J. D. Davis is a patient in the hospital at Ripley.

Joan Star Scott (Jill dePue), age 72, of Newark passed away. She was the daughter of Camden S. & Pauline Campbell dePue. She is survived by her twin "Jack" dePue of Bridgeport, six children & 10 grandchildren. She provided health care for many shut-ins & had attended the Creston Halloween party.

Ruth Greathouse Kendall of Spencer passed away. Burial was at Hodam.

One reads about murders elsewhere all the time but, all too often, one knows of the victims & their families. The Marshall coed, Leah Hickman, who was found in a crawl space was likely never in Creston but her father is the Mason County assessor and her grandfather, known as "Hick", was a longtime employee of E. G. "Hank" Pence the legendary Roane County oilman who drilled wells in Creston.

Those who have been out and about note that there are several deer left after the bulk the hunting season including some bucks with nice racks.

Kenny Collins reported that he had 10 tanks of oil to ship but he could get none hauled. The price of local crude rose $2.25/bbl over the weekend to $87.00.

The price of natural gasoline (mountain high test or drip) is $2.036/gal while propane is $1.504/gal and butane is $1.80/gal. according to Mark West, the outfit that strips the valuables from gas on the Columbia Gas system.

With the additional rain mud has become the norm in cattle feeding operations, oil field work and most anything else that is done outside.

Local residents have been receiving campaign material from the various candidates who are seeking national convention delegates at the state convention to be held February 5 in Charleston.

The soap opera continues down at the Mouth of the Elk. The new boss government radio and Tee Vee office purchased a new chariot not using the guidelines. After all when one controls the official news organ of "the state" it should be just fine (as long as no one else finds out.) Then it was learned that the state university may have made "special arrangements" for an advanced degree for the Big Boss's daughter. The "scholarly institution" blames poor record keeping.

From all the talk the chief function of the university is to provide football game entertainment and the powers that be were upset when their $4 million man left town. If the state had an educated populace there would be new management throughout state government.

Glenna Westfall, Matthew Copen & Tim Copen were all visiting at the Randy Tucker residence. As a result of the gathering there was realignment.

Donna Sue, Jeremy and Carl Ferrell had a Christmas get together at the home of Denver and Tammy McFarland.

Santa was out and about in Creston over the weekend passing out $2 bills.

A new young resident in Creston had to be advised to stay off other people's property and to leave vehicles alone. It was noted that Claude Clay might otherwise be called.

Local folks are still laughing over civil rights leader Andrew Young's statement that Hillary would be better than Hussein Obama as el presidente since Bill had more experience with black women than did Obama.