By Teresa Starcher

Alfred Hitchcock once told a story about a boy whose father had sent him to Eton. The first time that the father went to visit he found the boy all scratched and bruised. Concerned the father inquired what had happened.

"The other boys attack me and call me Jew boy," he replied. "If they act so again, tell them that Jesus Christ was a Jew," instructed the father.

When next the father went to visit his son, he was distraught to find him again beaten up.

"Didn't you tell them what I told you to say?" quizzed the father. The son sadly replied.

"I did indeed try Father, but I forgot the gentleman's name."

While this is not at all surprising from one of the Jewish faith, it also illustrates the once warring faction between the Jews and ill informed Christians. I've heard it said that "replacement" theology, as taught by the early church fathers, was mostly responsible for this misunderstanding. The bottom line is that the books of "The Law" and "The Prophets" which defines the whole culture of the Jewish people is also the principal foundation of the Christian faith with Jesus as the chief corner stone.

Jesus himself said," I came not to do away with the law nor the prophets but to fulfill (complete) them." (Mt. 5:17).

The two faiths again share the concept of Messianic Advent. Both believe in a future coming of a "KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS" (Rev.19:16). How they differ is that the Jews still await their anointed one while we Christians believe in Jesus Christ as Messiah. High Priests, prophets, and kings were required by "The Law" to be anointed before taking office and Christians believe that Jesus Christ not only fulfilled these offices while here among men, he will return again. The Hebrew word, Messiah (Moshiach) means "the anointed" and the Greek is translated as Christ. The name Jesus is Greek from the word Jehoshua which stems from Hebrew root words that denotes" God saves", in Hebrew (yeshua). This is why the Messianic Jews who are Christians always use the term Yeshua Meshiach when referring to Jesus Christ.

Although it may seem to be a bit of an oxymoron, Jews by the thousands are indeed remembering the gentleman's name. Also held in common by Jews and Christians is a long history of persecution.

Through the centuries many have perished for daring to speak " The Name" and as foretold by the prophets, it will not only continue, but escalate. Anti-Semitism is rampant, and anti-Christian groups gain ground every day. Indeed forgetting the gentleman's name should be the name of the tune played by the Pied Piper of secular humanism, accompanied by the instrumentality of mass media. For truly in today's world acknowledging this name can be, to a smaller degree, hazardous to your reputation, but greater your very life. I say a smaller degree for when one is put down and criticized with the parrot paradigm in vogue today, like Bible thumper, Jesus freak or rabble riser, you should know that the Bible tells us this is just what to expect, yet it still rankles.

So this season when some may be censored for wishing one "Merry Christmas" instead of "Happy Holidays" lets just smile and resolutely never forget the gentleman's name.