Kathleen H. Taylor

First, I would like to thank my kids for keeping me updated on how many hours, minutes, and seconds until Christmas. I truly appreciate their kindness for sharing that information on a regular basis.

We went to our League wrestling on Friday night. Oh my. We were up against the Williamstown Youth Wrestlers. I don't know exactly what boot camp they attend, but apparently, non-aggressive wrestlers need not apply. I am afraid to report there was almost a cat fight during duals. This woman behind us chose to be obnoxious about every little thing. A call here, a call there, which she did not care for. I was like, "this is wrestling baby, not a game of Candyland. A lot of stuff isn't fair." As a wrestling mom, I have learned to deal with that issue. It's a tough one to swallow, but sometimes, you just have to swallow anyway and hope you don't choke on it.

Junior Taylor had his surgery this past week. I am told things went well. So, hopefully, we will be doing home dialysis soon. He has cataract surgery coming up in January. We hope that it will be successful as well. Perhaps with all these issues behind him, he could have a break from all the high maintenance.

The children are diving into the holiday baking. Let me set the scene for you. A Dad, two kids ages 10 and 5, thrown together with kitchen utensils and ingredients mixed in to cover up the first mess they made. I am pretty certain Rachel Ray would be close to a stroke if she saw this kitchen meltdown. But, kids are young for such a short time. Dads, well, they are young forever and should be banned from the kitchen during the holidays. The fire department would not like to spend their Christmas extinguishing cookie created fires.

I was driving toward Rt. 50 the other day and a tree had fallen across the road. This is the time I do not have my cell phone. It seems when I do have it, nothing ever important happens. I asked the folks clearing it what I could do to help. But, really, what was I going to do? I am a good supervisor, but that's about it when it comes to manual labor. They informed me that it was no problem as they had a chain saw in their vehicle. Who carries a chainsaw in their vehicle on a regular basis? My other question is: why? As ancient as some of the trees are around the road, it's just a matter of time when the next one falls. I guess I can understand that reasoning to have one. So, maybe carrying a chainsaw should be incorporated into our driver's education program.

Have you made any New Years resolutions? I have made a resolution to quit making resolutions. I always end up breaking them and making myself miserable. So, why do that to myself anymore? Now, I have made some pre-New Years changes that I hope to keep for the rest of my life. So, I don't see them counting as resolutions since they were not created on New Years. I've tried to play well with others (in which for the most part has been successful, just don't get me started on wrestling). I have attempted to keep my sanity (you can make your own call on how successful that has been). I have also been trying to deal with what life hands me (I found it isn't always given to me on a silver platter). After trying to do all these things, I have discovered I have become a lot happier. No need to wait until New Years Eve to make some positive changes.

Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa or Feliz Navidad, whichever applies to you. May 2008 bring you much health and happiness.