GORDON'S BOND REVOKED - Sentencing Set For January 2nd

Authorities have yet to comment on why former Grantsville Police Chief Ronald Gordon was incarcerated in Central Regional Jail last week, after his bond was revoked by a bondsman.

Gordon had plead guilty to three counts of sexual abuse in November with his sentencing scheduled January 2nd.

Special prosecuting attorney Tom Kirk did not reply to phone calls asking him to clarify the reason Gordon was placed in jail.

Defense Attorney Ernie Skaggs did not respond to the same request.

Gordon has been on home confinement since August, 2006, apparently without incident or problem.

Circuit Court records show B & B Bonds did a "bail piece," which bonding outfits sometimes use for revocation when the financial terms of the bond are violated.

Special prosecutor Tom Kirk said Gordon is facing 1-5 years in prison and a $10,000 fine for each count in a plea arrangement which came before the court in November.