By Alvin Engelke

The Creston Community Christmas party will be held December 15th at the Community Building. Residents & friends are asked to bring a covered dish and those who wish to contribute to the candy and gift fund should contact Rosie White or others on the Christmas party committee. It is anticipated that a resident from the polar regions may visit and, it is understood, that photographs can be arranged. The elves are expected to decorate on Thursday & all helpers are welcome.

Sgt. James A. Blankenship, USA, age 67, passed away while feeding his animals. Some years back he had undergone open-heart surgery at Walter Reed which gave him several good years. He had served his country protecting the rest of us from those who would kill or imprison us and was, for a time, under the command of Colin Powell who he didn't hold in extremely high regard. He was the son of the late Dorr Blankenship and Maxine "Toots" Blankenship Pennington. Burial was at Ground Hog. He is survived by his widow, a sister, two daughters and two grandchildren.

It was noted that the Wirt road crew did a super job making sure that everyone could get to the Ground Hog graveyard.

Sarah Douglas Johnson has been on the sick list getting to spend quality time in the hospital.

The local area received the first significant snowfall along with temperatures in the lower single digits. The local road crews were busy but, for a time highways were very slick and then there was freezing rain. Most of the snow went off Saturday, locally.

One fellow reported that as he was going down I-77 near Kentuck (in the Sissonville road maintenance area) on Wednesday the road was so bad that he could only safely go 40 MPH but then, all of a sudden, he was passed by a K-Mart Special (with the lights off). He like many others wondered just how some could drive safely so much faster on such a road but, by and by, he noted a vehicle over against the hill and then he espied a cruiser that had just recently made solid contact with the hillside. Those who watch television reported seeing the vehicle on the news with a comment that the roads were so slick that the trooper lost control.

Morris Tanner, the famed outdoorsman, fearless hunter & fisherman who strikes fear in the hearts of wily bucks, bushy tails, sunfish, carp and opossums, got caught in a "Tanner Trap" and had to call for help to be extricated. Additional details will no doubt be gleefully told by his good friends.

It was learned that Don Rhodes rented out his trailer to a McDonald family who had been living in an Elizabeth trailer park.

Charlie Menefee, who rides up to Creston on his ATV while standing, has been visiting Mr. & Mrs. Don Rhodes & daughter.

It was understood that the "Grimy Gulch Neighborhood Watch" has enlisted the assistance of Claude Clay, undertaker, to deal with the problem of those who have been "borrowing gasoline". While one cannot obtain leaded gasoline any more some may get some hot lead to cure their problem.

Curtis Marks killed a nice buck and it was learned that the Hart farm, situate at the mouth of Rock Camp, provided a big harvest to the new owners, retired trooper Rectenwald and Sheriff Bright.

One famed hunter had a camera set up to keep tract of the big bucks to determine times of crossing, etc. Well, it seems the other day, the great white hunter received a strong call from nature, which required attention. Needless to say, he and his cohorts were surprised to find "revealing pictures" on the game camera.

Richard McFall was calling on Larry Ferrell down in Lower Barnes Run.

Carl Ferrell has been on the sick list. Brandon & Andrea Ferrell were among those visiting at the Ferrell residence.

The price of local Penn grade crude oil fell $2/bbl over he weekend to $82.00. The morning it was so cold the local gas utility men were kept busy with frozen lines, etc.

Alvin & Nancy Engelke attended the reception in Spencer on behalf of the new newspaper, Living Appalachian. Nancy formerly worked with Susan Myers who is the editor.

Bessie Arthur is somewhat better after her bout with pneumonia. She is back to work.

Rev. Juanita Lockhart filled her regular appointment at the Burning Springs M. E. church.