SHINING STAR AWARD - Heartwood In The Hills


Many people in Calhoun County and the area are community minded, generous and dedicated. The Hur Herald staff would like to recognize those individuals and groups for all they do. We ask our readers to submit names of individuals or groups, along with a brief description of why they are Shining Stars.

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Jude embraces audience with her loving and dedicated heart

The Heartwood project has been of inestimable worth to children and adults in our rural county, brought to life by "outsiders" who came to this place and have worked from the ground up, giving freely their labor and talent.

Heartwood has risen from the spirit, energy and perseverance of Jude Binder and Frank Venezia, a dedication to the arts, to teaching and inspiring those who walked through their portals these past 25 years.

The Shining Star not only goes to them, but the hundreds of people who have given of themselves to make it possible.