Kathleen H. Taylor

First, I need to send out a great big thank you to the staff of the Pizza House. We had Ethan's birthday party there and they were so good to us. They had quite a job to keep us rowdy partiers under control. Anyway, we want to thank them for their great food and service.

Ethan got a lot of nice things for his birthday. He received more money than I have in my checking account. I see something very wrong with that picture. Of course, I was never one to be a "saver." His Grandma Edna, however, adds to his chunk of change every time he goes to her house. I recall her giving him money and Ethan asking what it was for. She just replied it was for coming to visit her. Where was mine? I don't recall ever getting money for visiting her. However, I did have prolonged visits in between my infamous errors in judgment. I owe her my Publishers Clearinghouse check whenever I receive it.

Ethan and Mom

We have been going through our hideous pile of Christmas lights. It's such a pain when half a strand of lights work and the other half decide the season is over. Then, we would mess with them for awhile and found if you held them a certain way the lights would stay on. It reminded me of a coat hanger and a radio antenna. Just hold it over your head while standing on one foot and the station will come in clear as a bell. So, I am sure Ethan will not mind doing that for my lights in order to surpass Betty's Christmas display.

I am making my way-off Broadway debut by writing the Christmas play for our church program on December 16 at the Rainbow Grange. I am basing it upon the ever popular Charlie Brown Christmas special. I, of course, will have the role of Lucy. Although she and I are very different creatures (well. maybe we are a little alike.) Hopefully, I won't mess it up and get bad reviews from the local Back Roads Theatrical Association (which, by the way, is very familiar with drama). Anyway, wish me luck on that project.

I had the privilege of seeing "Aunt Pete" at the shop this past week. She totally makes my day. I am her number one fan. She tells it like it is and lives it like she tells it. She also is the President of the Big Hair Club. Why wouldn't I want to be like her? What higher position in life could anyone want to aspire to be?

Junior and I are still making our runs to Parkersburg. Over the last month or so, I've realized I would be such a baby if I were in Junior's shoes. He has endured so much and still keeps a smile on his face. I don't know how he does it. He's my hero!

I was recently thinking of what one of my favorite Christmas memories was from my childhood. I recall asking for a stove and sink with "real running water". Gosh, that was such the bomb to me. I knew times were tough then and maybe wouldn't receive everything that I asked Santa for. But, Christmas morning, there was that stove and sink with "real running water." Those things were so simple, yet, still remain in my heart. In these days of the Wii and the Xbox 500 or whatever, I don't think we will ever be able to create those special "real running water" memories that last a lifetime. We can always hope that the latest technology doesn't take over that place in our hearts.

Health and happiness.