Submitted by Bob Edwards
Public Relations Dept. Asst.
Glenville State College

Glenville, WV — The Campus Clothes Closet is another one of those things that make Glenville State College such a great place for students, it's another way of showing them how much they matter to the Pioneer Community.

The Clothes Closet is a service that provides professional clothes for GSC students who need some dressier clothing for a host of activities such as job interviews, observations, student teaching, presentations, and formal public appearances, and do not have the proper attire in their own closet. The service was restarted by GSC Academic Support Center Director, Amy Fiddler, after being dormant for about eight years.

Stocked by donations from faculty, staff, alumni, and the local residents, the Clothes Closet provides blouses, pantsuits, and dresses for the ladies and suits, dress slacks, and shirts for the men. There is also some footwear, jewelry, and purses available. The service does not provide casual or everyday clothing for students. "We want our students to look good when they go for an interview or public appearance where they need to dress up a little because sometimes their appearance can really help in their success," said Fiddler.

GSC senior Donte Fuller has benefited greatly from the Clothes Closet. Fuller, who was the President of the Glenville State College Student Government Association, needed a suit for a meeting with the GSC Board of Governors. He found a perfect fit at the Clothes Closet. "It is great! Buying a suit would cost me $150 or more, but, I found a real nice one for free. My Mom always told me one man's trash is another man's treasure. More students should take advantage of the service," said Fuller. Donte has also picked up some suits that he wears as a student assistant with the GSC Men's Basketball team, and as the Host of the Men's Basketball TV show that airs on Tuesdays in the Rusty Musket.

Student Donte Fuller wearing suit
he chose from the Clothes Closet

A GSC student's parent from Maryland read a recent story about the Clothes Closet reopening and decided to help out. Beth Shiftler cleaned out her closet during the summer and donated several pieces to the GSC Clothes Closet. She delivered the items during a trip to campus to visit her son. "I contributed many things I don't wear anymore and some clothes that still had tags on them. I think the clothes closet is a wonderful service. It makes me feel good to help students who may need some help." Shiftler says when her husband cleans out his closet, they will contribute more items to the GSC Clothes Closet.

The GSC Campus Clothes Closet is located in the GSC Academic Support Center on the lower Level of the Robert F. Kidd Library. Currently the closet is pretty small and pretty much full. Fiddler hopes to have more room to expand the selection in the closet when the ASC relocates to Louis Bennett Hall for the spring semester. Any GSC student who needs help with professional clothing for any event is welcome to stop by the Clothes Closet and see if there is appropriate clothing in their size. The service is totally free, and students get to keep the outfits for their personal wardrobe.

Donations of professional clothing can be made by stopping by the ASC or contacting Amy Fiddler at (304) 462-7361 ext. 7103.